Legionella Services

Legionella compliance including risk assessments, monitoring service, remedial works and training modules working in accordance to the ACoP L8 & (HSG)274. We operate a clear transparent service where we believe communication is key with all clients. All documentation for audit purposes is designed to be simplistic and more importantly provide compliance against the ACoP L8 & (HSG)

The ACoP L8 Legionella Risk Assessment will identify all systems, any risks, schematic drawings and photographs and will also provide you a indication of any further costs such as tank cleaning etc. This would complete the initial stage of compliance and this completed document would then provide you with comprehensive recommendations of further compliance stages. Please see further details of our proposal and services below.

Although the ACoP L8 & (HSG)274 are complex and in–depth documents, it is simplified in four stages for compliance.

  1. In–Depth Risk Assessment
  2. Comprehensive Monitoring/Auditing Service Contracts
  3. Undertake all High Risk Remedial Work
  4. Legionella Awareness / Competence Training
Legionella Services